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Housing Security

All residents deserve safe, quality, affordable housing as a foundation for their well-being and success. I want to expand homeownership to build wealth, make sure landlords receive the rent they are owed, and ensure that renters can stay in their homes without being priced out. This year, I advocated and voted for the allocation of over $30 million dollars towards affordable housing. In the long-term, Providence must continue to dramatically increase investments in affordable housing, targeting those in greatest need, while protecting long-time homeowners against the pressures of rising property taxes. As a member of the housing crisis task force, I took measures that put us on the path toward ending homelessness.

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Climate Justice

Climate change threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the future we hand our kids. This issue is a critical one to Ward 10, the entire city, and to me. I have already effectively worked against key developments such as the establishment of municipal solid waste transfer stations, incinerators, and the expansion of LPG tanks within our community by introducing and passing laws prohibiting these developments. Providence must move in the direction of creating a green economy by creating thousands of good, green, well-paying jobs and eliminating further pollution within our neighborhood.

Public Safety

Sound public safety is key in order for a city to thrive. We must highlight those elements that have been found as contributing factors that are known as cause agents of insecurity and public failures. Such as the ongoing housing crisis, lack of opportunities, failed youth development initiatives, and an unbalanced and unequal system. We need to invest in services proven to prevent crime, such as mental healthcare, workforce development, and youth programming.

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As a proud product of our Providence Public School system and a father of four young adults who have attended our schools, I know that our schools are not meeting the needs of our students. We need to work with our state leaders to end the state takeover of our schools and implement a plan that will lift up our children and put them on a path towards a more successful future. 

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