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Defending Our Community 
Building Our Future

Meet Pedro

My name is Pedro Espinal. I am a husband, father of 4, a 40+ year resident of Ward 10, a product of our public schools, and a community leader that has been fighting for solutions to put the American dream within our reach for all of our neighbors. ​As Council President Pro Tempore, I have fought to put laws in place that protect the health of our children and families, support tenants and homeowners, as well as laws protecting our workers to ensure that they are receiving fair wages. Working to improve the quality of life for our neighbors is personal to me.

I ran for Providence City Council to amplify the voices of so many neighbors who wanted trust restored in their local leaders. I am proud to have earned the greatest number of votes in the special election of 2019. For many years, there have been efforts to improve the state of our community. I have been in front of many of those efforts. This includes investing in real estate and creating affordable housing opportunities for our neighbors. I also served as the Chair for various organizations including DARE, the Southside Broad Street Steering Committee and the Providence Latino Business Association. Also, former board member of P.E.R.A, WP Foundation, and the RI Victims of Crime Support Center.

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